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Cast Iron Logset Ventless Heater
Item # 1602
Used DESA Cast Iron LPG Vent-less Log Set Heater

Remote control option included $746.70


Woodstove Black Cast Iron. Complete with new firebrick and new door gaskets.
Asking Price: $499.95 +tax
Toyotomi Oil Miser
Used Toyotomi Oil Miser 22. Excellent condition. Has been rebuilt and comes with exhaust, extra parts, and lift pump. Runs on regular heating oil or kerosene. Asking Price: $1084.50 + tax
Pellet Stove
Glow Boy Freestanding Pellet Stove
42,000 BTU Home Heater

Used Empire Non Vented Heater. Model: BF-10-3. Excellent condition. 10,000 BTU. Asking Price: $329.95 + tax

Used Toyotomi Oil Miser
Completely rebuilt, comes with vent kit. Runs on Kero or #2 heating oils. 22,000 BTU's.
M# OM-22, S# 03440
Asking Price: $1084.50 + tax


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